Bulk Tocopherols are antioxidants are used widely to inhibit oxidation and promote stability. 

Picture of Bulk Mixed Tocopherols - 95%
Jedwards International, Inc. is a wholesale supplier of Bulk Mixed Tocopherols – 95%, a natural Vitamin E containing Alpha-, Beta-, Gamma-, and Delta-Tocopherols. These compounds yield a minimum of 95% total Tocopherols present in this naturally derived Vitamin E. Mixed Tocopherols are odorless and have a medium to dark brown color making it an attractive ingredient used throughout the food industry.

Jedwards International is a wholesale supplier of bulk Vitamin E Clear (dL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate). Clear Vitamin E is fat soluble and almost completely colorless. This compound is known for its antioxidant properties and can be added to formulas to help protect finished goods from oxidation and rancidity. Vitamin E Clear is a preferred additive for food and cosmetic products for antioxidant properties because it does not significantly affect the color of the end result.