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Tocotrienols - 50%

Jedwards International is a wholesale supplier of Tocotrienols - 50%. Bulk Tocotrienols are naturally derived from Palm, and include a combination of naturally occurring Tocotrienols and Tocopherols.
Jedwards International, Inc. is a wholesale supplier of Bulk Tocotrienols – 50%, a natural Vitamin E derived from Palm Fruit Oil. Tocotrienols contain Alpha-Tocopherols and Alpha-, Beta, Gamma-, and Delta-Tocotrienols.  These compounds yield a minimum of 25% total Tocopherols and Tocotrienols in this variation of naturally derived Vitamin E.  The typical Vitamin E Profile is noted below.  Tocotrienols – 50% are odorless and have a medium to dark brown color making it an attractive ingredient used throughout the food industry. 

Typical Vitamin E Profile:

 Alpha Tocopherol                  8.3% 
 Alpha Tocotrienol 16.33% 
 Beta Tocotrienol 0.467% 
 Delta Tocotrienol  7.185% 
 Gamma Tocotrienol   18.26% 

Tocotrienols have higher antioxidant activity than an equal concentration of Tocopherols.  Tocotrienols – 50% are widely used as a preservative throughout the food industry and also used in various skin creams for possible aging and discoloration benefits.  The IU activity for Tocotrienols – 50% is estimated at 246.52 IU per gram.

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