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Virgin Krill Oil™

Harvested in the pure, pristine waters of the Antarctic Ocean, Virgin Krill Oil™ is extracted from a tiny, shrimp-like, marine crustacean known as Euphausia Superba (Krill). Virgin Krill Oil™ is one of the cleanest wild sourced omega-3 supplements offered on the market today. Comprised of a unique complex of omega-3 fatty acids, Virgin Krill Oil™ is recognized as a potent and naturally stable omega-3 dietary supplement. Certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea.
Unlike fish oil, the omega-3 in Virgin Krill Oil™ are found in the phospholipid form which are believed to be more easily used by the human body.  The phospholipids found in Virgin Krill Oil™ also help to mitigate, the unpleasant reflux (“burp back”) and fishy aftertaste consumers often experience with standard fish oil supplements. 

Virgin Krill Oil™ originiates from a sustainable fishery. It is produced from krill harvested within strict guidelines established by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) to ensure and promote the health and sustainability of the krill population in the Southern Ocean.  The “precautionary” approach implemented by CCAMLR mitigates concerns consumers have regarding sustainability of krill as the established annual harvesting quota is less than 1% of the total estimated krill biomass (estimated up to 500 million metric tons).  The krill biomass is in the range of two times that of the human biomass, making krill the single largest biomass in the world.  The actual krill harvest varies from year to year with a typical season yielding approximately 150,000 tons, which is a marginal percentage (approx. 0.02%) of the total krill biomass. 

Virgin Krill Oil™  is certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea. It is a focus of Virgin Krill Oil™ to only utilize raw materials harvested within the CCAMLR guidelines as we understand the importance of sustainability for krill, as well as the protection of other marine species living in the Antarctic.

Virgin Krill Oil™ is certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea.

Virgin Krill Oil™ - 18KG (Pail)
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16 fl. oz. Virgin Krill Oil™
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