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Bulk Cassia Oil

Jedwards International, Inc. is a wholesale supplier of bulk Cassia Oil, an essential oil steam-distilled from the leaves and bark of Cinnamomum cassia, an evergreen tree native to southern China. This is one of several species of cinnamon that is used primarily for its aromatic bark and leaves. Cassia oil carries a warm, spicy aroma and is dark brownish-orange in color. 

Cassia oil is widely used in food and beverage formulations, often replacing cinnamon spice in recipes. It is a common flavoring agent used for its appealing herbal taste and scent. In addition to cooking applications, cassia oil may be mixed with carrier oils and other raw ingredients supplied by Jedwards in personal care and cosmetic products.
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E1027-C2 8 fl. oz. $21.00
E1027-C3 4 fl. oz. $12.00
1-2 3-4 5+
E1027-G 128 fl. oz. (3.982 KG Gallon) $195.00 $185.00 $175.00
1-1 2-3 4+
E1027-C1 16 fl. oz. $34.00 $32.00 $30.00
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