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Bulk Shea Nut Stearin

Jedwards is a wholesale supplier of Bulk Shea Nut Stearin, a fat fraction of shea nut butter with a higher melting point than traditional shea nut butter. This fully refined shea butter is a brittle and harder material than our softer shea nut butter, and is white in color with an odorless aroma. Stearic acid is the primary fatty acid in shea nut stearin, followed by oleic acid.

Bulk shea nut stearin, commonly referred to as High Melt Shea Butter, is used throughout the cosmetic and personal-care industry in the production of a wide-range of topical products such as lip balms and lotions. General formulations for cosmetic materials that may be exposed to changing or warmer temperatures utilize high melt shea butter to help prevent any graininess from occurring in the end-product.
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