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Bulk Cocoa Butter - Deodorized Organic

Jedwards International is a wholesale supplier of bulk Organic Deodorized Cocoa Butter. After being extracted from the cacao bean, the Cocoa Butter is deodorized to reduce the strong natural chocolate aroma. This results in organic cocoa butter with a milder scent and less of an impact on the smell of the end product compared to using natural cocoa butter. The appearance is a characteristic pale yellow to light brownish color. Cocoa Butter-Deodorized is known for its high oxidative stability as a result of it being naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. With a typical melting point ranging from 88˚F-95˚F, Cocoa Butter-Deodorized is a stiff solid at room temperature. From a cosmetic and skin care application standpoint, Organic Cocoa Butter-Deodorized is used for its natural emollient properties and to bring stiffness to the end product. Because the material is deodorized, there should be less interference with the desired fragrance of your creation.

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  1. INCI Name:Theobroma Cacao
    Extraction Method:Pure Prime Pressed (PPP)
    Sourced From:West Africa, South America, Southeast Asia
    SAP Value:188-200
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  3. Organic Cocoa Butter, may contain Citric Acid

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B3025-C 25KG (55 lbs.) - sold in block form $293.75 $268.75
1-2 3-14 15+
B3025-C2 4 KG (8.8 lbs.) - sold as wafers $57.00 $53.00 $49.00
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