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Bulk Beeswax - Yellow Granules

Jedwards is a supplier of wholesale beeswax or bulk beeswax. Our natural Bulk Beeswax Yellow Granules are characterized by their golden yellow hue and a naturally mild sweet aroma. The Bulk Beeswax Yellow Granules are filtered to be free of debris. The cleanliness and small size of the Beeswax Yellow Granules contribute to the product’s ease of use.

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  1. INCI Name:Cera Flava
    Sourced From:Argentina, China, Turkey
    SAP Value:89-104
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Item No. Package Size Price
B4010-C1 12.5KG (27.5 lbs.) $122.75
B4010-C2 5KG (11 lbs.) $53.40
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