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wholesale bulk oil supplier, soap making supplies, omega 3, butters, waxes, cocoa and chocolate

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Wholesale essential oils and bulk organic oils supplier Jedwards International, Inc. is a trusted supplier of bulk fish oil, bulk shea butter, wholesale argan oil, bulk coconut oil, bulk soap making supplies, & more.

Whether you are a retailer, distributor, or just an individual, Jedwards offers materials such as bulk shea butter at the lowest prices. We try to always keep what our customers are looking for in stock, and if we don't happen to have something that you're looking for, contact us to see if we can get it in stock or if we're just out for the time being

Bulk essential oils, including bulk almond oil, bulk argan oil, & bulk coconut oil, are one of Jedwards International's premier products.

Wholesale essential oils come from all different types of plants, and they are known as essential oils because they give off a particular scent or essence. Essential oils are used in perfumes, cosmetics, & food flavoring. Bulk soap making supplies will often come with several different types of essential oils to help give the soap a pleasing fragrance. Bulk argan oil would be considered an essential oil, and Jedwards International is one of the premier suppliers of this and other wholesale essential oils.

Bulk Organic Oils include organic almond oil, organic cocnut oil, and more.

Not all bulk essential oils are created equally. Some essential oils come from plants that were grown conventionally with the use of pesticides and other growth aids. On the other hand, Jedwards International carries a huge supply of bulk organic oils, including organic argan oil and organic almond oil. Wholesale organic oils come from plants that were grown organically without the use of pesticides. These organic essential oils are considered purer and safer than your traditional wholesale essential oils because they contain no possible remnants from pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

All of the bulk organic oils that Jedwards International, Inc. offers are 100% certified organic. We will never claim that our wholesale essential oils are organic without having them officially certified as such.

Many of Jedwards International's products fall under bulk soap making supplies.

Bulk soap making supplies come in many forms. You might need some organic beeswax, some essential oils, or maybe some natural butters, such as shea or cocoa butter. Well, Jedwards International is here to help you out

We carry all kinds of wholesale soap making supplies, including organic soap making supplies. Our bulk beeswax is top quality, and it comes in both conventional and organic forms. In addition, Jedwards carries all sorts of bulk essential oils that you can use to give your soaps that special fragrance you're looking for. Argan oil, vanilla extract, jasmine oil, & rose oil are just a few of the many organic soap making supplies that you can use to make your soap smell heavenly.

Making your own soap isn't as hard as you might think. You just need the right wholesale soap making supplies and a little extra time on your hands to put care and love into your soap. If you're a retailer, purchasing bulk soap making supplies can be a great business decision, as it allows your customers to choose the essential oils, waxes, & other materials that are best for them. Or, you can help your customers out by bundling certain organic soap making supplies into packages that give your customers everything they need to get started with making soap as a hobby.

Bulk fish oil is one of Jedwards International's top selling products and can be used in many different ways.

Wholesale fish oil comes from the various tissues of oily fish and is believed to aid in the treatment of many ailments, such as cancer, anxiety, depression, & more. Bulk fish oil can be separated out into fish oil capsules that are usually sold by the bottle to consumers. The reason that wholesale fish oil is put into capsules rather than taken by itself is that many people consider fish oil to have a rather unpleasant taste. To avoid having to taste the fish oil itself, one can simply swallow a capsule filled with fish oil and still reap the benefits of this substance.

The primary element in bulk fish oil that people focus on are the omega-3 fatty acids. Many consider omega-3 fatty acids to be highly beneficial to cardiovascular health. Some studies have shown that people who consume bulk fish oil are at less risk of heart complications and have better functioning cardiovascular systems overall. Indeed, consuming bulk fish oil regularly is a quick and easy way to help improve your health.

Bulk argan oil is one of the more precious essential oils that Jedwards International keeps in stock.

As the name implies, wholesale argan oil is produced by the kernels of the argan tree. This tree is native and unique to Morocco, so the oil produced by its kernels is valued higher than other bulk essential oils that are produced all over the world. Argan oil is known for its use in both cosmetic and medicinal applications. In addition, argan oil is edible, and it is often eaten with bread or on salads, much like peanut oil, olive oil, and other edible oils.

Wholesale argan oil is produced much like any other oil that comes from a kernel, seed, or nut. Traditionally, the argan kernel would be manually pressed using wooden tools; however, today bulk argan oil can be produced using mechanical presses that can yield several ounces of argan oil at a time. Still, argan oil is one of the most valuable and most sought after bulk essential oils that Jedwards International supplies.

Welcome to Jedwards International, Inc.

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inuing a 70 year family tradition that started in the processing and refining of cod liver oil in Boston, Jedwards is now a Bulk Supplier of a wide range of Natural Ingredients.  These include: Seed Oils, Carrier Oils,  Butters, Waxes, Plant Oils, Essential Oils, Omega 3 Marine Oils, Cocoa, Chocolate and Salts to the Food, Cosmetic, Soap Making and Dietary Supplement Industries.

Jedwards International, Inc. is an importer and wholesale distributor that works cooperatively with many quality manufacturers globally. Many of our products are custom manufactured through exclusive arrangements.  We can process orders as small as a Kg to as large as multiple metric tons. Smaller quantities can be purchased directly online. Larger orders may require contacting our customer service department.

Jedwards continues to maintain a strong presence in the omega-3 marine oil market. However, we have experienced rapid expansion with organic ingredients ( particularly in the cosmetic and soap making industries ) as well as cocoa and chocolate products. Please see our full offering in the products section and let us know if there is a material you are looking for but don't see.

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