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Bulk Jasmine Fragrance Oil

Jedwards International is a wholesale supplier of bulk Jasmine Fragrance Oil. This fragrance oil, free of phthalates, is an artificial essential oil that is the exact laboratory replica of natural Jasmine Oil. Common use of Jasmine Fragrance Oil is in the cosmetic industry due to the desirable smell profile and is available at a more advantageous price point than the natural Jasmine Essential Oil.  Fragrance oils are not water soluble. Not for internal use.

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  1. Sourced From:Germany
    Food Grade: No
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Attributes Qty
Item No. Package Size Price
E1060-G 128 fl. oz. (3.82 KG Gallon) $590.00
E1060-C1 16 fl. oz. $83.00
E1060-C2 8 fl. oz. $42.00
E1060-C3 4 fl. oz. $21.00
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