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Bulk Evening Primrose Oil - Organic 9% GLA

Jedwards is a wholesale supplier of bulk organic evening primrose oil. Bulk Organic Evening Primrose Oil is rich in essential fatty acids. The oil’s two primary fatty acids are GLA (gamma-linolenic acid C18:3n-6) and Linoleic acid (linoleic acid C18:2n-6). The GLA content of Organic Evening Primrose Oil typically falls in the range of 9% while the content level of Linoleic acid is one of the highest found in nature. After extracting the oil from the seed of the plant, Organic Evening Primrose Oil is refined resulting in a clear honey colored oil with a bland odor and taste. Uses vary from nutritional supplement to cosmetic applications.

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  1. INCI Name:Oenothera Biennis
    Extraction Method:Cold Pressed
    Sourced From:China

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