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Bulk Avocado Oil

Jedwards is a wholesale supplier of bulk avocado oil. After being pressed from the fruit of the Avocado, the oil is fully refined giving it a clear yellow appearance. The refining process also removes most of the odor and taste, making it a relatively bland finished product. Bulk Avocado Oil is known to be rich in vitamin E and the essential fatty acid Oleic Acid (C18:1). Avocado Oil is used widely in food, nutritional supplement and cosmetic applications.

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  1. INCI Name:Persea Gratissima
    Extraction Method:Expeller Pressed
    Sourced From:Italy, New Zealand, South Africa
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Item No. Package Size Price
S1020-D Drum
S1020-P 18 KG (Pail) $146.52
S1020-G 3.5 KG (Gallon) $30.59
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