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Bulk Chocolate Chips Bittersweet 70% - Organic

Jedwards is a wholesale supplier of bulk chocolate chips, organic. Our bulk organic chocolate is a natural chocolate used in various culinary applications and is of the bittersweet variety. 70% indicates the actual amount of cocoa derivatives in the chocolate. Sugar accounts for the remaining 30% of ingredients in our organic chocolate. The form of this particular organic chocolate is in small chips (drops).

Jedwards is proud to supply organic chocolate chips produced in a plant that is free of the 8 major allergens: Milk, Tree Nuts, Eggs, Wheat, Fish, Peanuts, Shellfish and Soybeans. Allergen statements are provided upon request.

The above information is for general research purposes only and is not a representation or warranty of any kind. This material is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The user of this material is solely responsible for determining fitness for any particular use; requesting and reviewing the applicable Material Safety Data Sheet; and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Jedwards's standard terms and conditions apply.

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  1. *Please be advised of the potential for our Chocolate products to melt during transit.

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  3. Organic Cocoa Liquor, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Natural Cocoa Powder

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Item No. Package Size Price
G1000-C 15KG (33 lbs.) $139.50
G1000-C2 3KG (6.6lbs.) $39.00

Customer Reviews

  • second to none
  • " This is absolutely the best chocolate chips ever! The finest quality product for any recipe calling for morsels or 70%. Price to value is unmatched. An absolute must for chocolate decadence cakes. "

  • On: December 27, 2016
  • By: Mimi Norris
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